Image from Uncreative Writing

Uncreative Writing, 2014texts, digital files, book

Uncreative Writing was a workshop conducted by Kenneth Goldsmith at the Power Plant. This work consists of two of the pieces 'created' during that time. The first 'Paris Hilton Wins by a Country Mile' is a linguistic face-off between Jacques Derrida and Paris Hilton, through 82 languages. Chunks of interviews of equal length, one from Paris Hilton and Larry King and the other between Jacques Derrida and Michael Rosenfeld were put through all 82 languages in Google Translate. When the text was translated back into English at the end Paris Hilton's interview was longer and more intact. Derrida was obliterated. The second piece measured the placement of figures from a Muybridge strip of photos within each box.
Paris Hilton...

Dancing With Myself, 2009three projector, hybrid reality interactive, immersive and performative installation

In Dancing With Myself my avatar, Nar Duell, has been scripted to perform a choreography. I respond to Nar Duell, attempting to create a duet with her, thereby inverting the person/avatar paradigm, as Nar Duell controls me. In real time performance she moves in an immersive environment projected onto three walls. Her world is expansive and infinite. The real world space where I respond and dance is boxed in and confined, once again reversing the usual view of space through a computer screen.

Dancing with Myself finds expression through choreographic interaction for the narcissistic relationship that people often develop with the portraits they create or commission of themselves, whether as static photographs or scripted avatars. The creation and relationship to one’s avatar portrait in virtual worlds is all encompassing. People lavish time and money in order to represent themselves. But the disconnect from reality is unavoidable as one interacts with this virtual space. The physical distancing of flying through space by using your fingertips on a keyboard is hard to ignore. Dancing With Myself navigates divisions — self/avatar, flat/3D, real/perceived.